Dublins Best Seafood Restaurant’s Reviewed

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Seafood is simply any type of seal life that is regarded as food for human beings.  A number of restaurants have seafood listed on their menus. Seafood is prominently fish as well as shellfish. Shellfish takes into account numerous species of crustaceans, echinoderms and molluscs.

Sea mammals like dolphins and whales have historically been eaten as food by humans. This trend has however greatly reduced in these contemporary times. It is therefore very rare to find a group dinner Granville Island that is serving whale or dolphin meat.

There are also edible sea plants such as microalgae and seaweeds which are widely consumed as seafood worldwide, particularly in Asia. In North America, the term ?seafood? is sometimes also used to refer to organisms that live in fresh water and which are consumed by man. In such regions, therefore, all types of edible aquatic life are termed as seafood.

This seafood we find in restaurant menu of items is harvested either through hunting or fishing. The farming and cultivation of seafood is called fish farming, in the case of fish, or aquaculture to encompass all other organisms.

Seafood is more often than not distinguished from meat as much as it is still animal and is also excluded in a strict vegetarian diet. Seafood is a vital source of protein in most of the meals that we consume worldwide, particularly in the areas along a coast.

As we have seen, a majority portion of the harvested seafood is eaten by humans. There is however a significant proportion of the seafood which is utilised as food for fish in order to farm other fish or so as to rear farm animals. Such seafood as kelp are utilised as fertilizer, i.e. food for other plants.

This way, these Vancouver seafoods are used indirectly to produce more food for consumption by man. Products like spirulina tablets and fish oil are also extracted from the various forms of seafood. There are other types of seafoods which are fed to aquarium fish, or are used as feed for domestic pets like cats. Another small proportion of the seafoods is utilised in the making of medicine or is used for such industrial purposes as making of leather.

These are aquatic vertebrates that have no limbs with digits, make use of gills for their breathing and have their heads protected by cartilage skulls or a hard bone.These are invertebrates having soft bodies but aren?t segmented like the crustaceans. Gastropods and bivalves are protected by calcareous shells that grow slowly as the mollusc also grows. Cephalopods, on the other hand, aren?t shell-protected.

These are invertebrates having segmented bodies which are protected by hard crusts (exoskeletons or shells) somewhat structured like knight?s armours and made from chitin. These shells don?t grow and thus are moulted or shed periodically.

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