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At the beginning of each year, it is fun just to think about what is next. But, for those who are in the creative profession; thinking about the future isn?t a merely casual exercise. In fact, I would say it is a necessity. The creative industry is rapidly changing since it?s the manner in which creative agency management personnel or companies reevaluate their own creative careers. It is therefore very important for people holding such positions to take their time to look at the current trends and try to predict what the future holds for them.

Below are some predictions, or hopes if like it, for the creative agency community:

Distributed creative production

In the future, the advertising agency will be composed of account managers, administrators as well as a very small team leadership that will provide the creative direction. In its capacity, the creative production will actually be distributed to people and little teams all over the world. These people, as predicted, will be those who have managed to climb to the games top. Corporate marketing departments, as well as other creative firms, are also predicted to take a similar trend.

Back in time, meant for searching and handling top talents actually were very limited. But now the increase in online networks, project collaboration and management tools has empowered the creative professionals thus ushering in independence.

Of late, experts in the creative industry say that there is a shortage of the creative talent especially on the internet (digital) space.

But trying to explain this shortage will give us a new perspective; that in future, this talent will be capable of working on their terms as a result of distributed creative production. The clients (companies) that embrace such a future shall reap get better results from this creative output.

 Crowdsourcing Rendered Obsolete

The early initiatives in have been vast spec contest (nothing short of that).The open call for free labor and ideas from anybody have actually ended up hurting all of us. Taking into consideration the reduced odds of being paid for a piece of work you have done, this kind of crowdsourcing has entertained careless management. In fact, all you need is to take a few hours on an item and then lob it in. Consequently, the creative output?s quality suffers and your career can be hurt since careless work has been attributed to your name.

Good news for you is that the top talent can now avoid the crowdsourcing programs and replace them with new ones. The latter are more sustainable and ensure that all contributors get paid.

Quality will be determined by the mass

The challenge of measuring talent quality will be no more since there will be a community curation. Everything will be sorted depending on consensus where such tools as facebook?s like appreciate, and Digg will be used determine the quality.